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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Our first objective is to restore Centralization of Symptoms which means the elimination of any peripheral neurological symptoms like numbness or muscle weakness in one of the limbs. We deal with the pain and soreness with different modalities like electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapy, laser, or most importantly manual therapy with which we overcome chronic spasm, stiffness, deformities, etc.

The second stage of the treatment plan is the rehabilitation process in which we strengthen the musculoskeletal system to properly support the body and prevent further injuries.

At last, neuromuscular co-ordination is done to assure stability and master complicated body movements which minimizes the possibility of recurring injuries.


Back and neck are parts of the vertebral column which consist of many vertebrae aligned together containing the spinal cord that supplies most of our musculoskeletal system with nerve supply and that explains why most neck and back problems reticulate pain in one or more of the four limbs.

Back Neck Pain


Manual Therapy or manipulative therapy, is a physical treatment to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability; it most commonly includes kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization, and joint manipulation.

Manual Therapy


Sports injuries are not limited to athletes but it really means any kind of injury in the musculoskeletal system that comes as a result of a direct trauma which is something that happens to athletes on a daily basis and that’s where the term came from – ACL- Meniscal tear- Sprains- Strains- Chronic muscle spasm- Tennis Elbow- Impingement Syndrome- Ankle sprain- Postoperative Rehabilitation.


The real difference in assembling a rehabilitation plan for sports injuries is not just regaining the muscle power or strength like normal injuries but more importantly, is re-educating the neuro-muscular system to do the complicated fine movement that the patient is supposed to master as an athlete and that’s exactly what we offer in Clinique du Caire as a group of experienced. physiotherapists in this particular field.


Loss of a certain movement can be caused by several neurological reasons, some of which are brain strokes, direct trauma to the brain or spinal cord or even the peripheral nerves.

In Clinique du Caire we provide the best medical attention and care to those injuries who are neurologic in nature and the day to day progress is very notable.

Stroke HEMI

It’s really important to understand that in this kind of problem, it’s highly advised to start physical therapy as soon as the case is diagnosed to make sure normal function can be restored as possible.


Knee pain is very common among all ages and it comes as a result of a chronic disorder like osteoarthritis or direct trauma like ACL or meniscal tears. Knee problems have common complaints which are pain, swelling, muscle weakness, inability to perform daily normal life activities without pain.


In Clinique du Caire we follow a very organized protocol that depends on getting rid of the pain in the first place through different modalities like electrical stimulation, icing, etc. At the same time if swelling presents we use ultrasound to eliminate it. Later we start manual therapy and exercises to restore balance, strength, and flexibility in the musculature surrounding the knee joint which by turn restores the normal function of the knee


Joints pain in general and shoulder, in particular, is very disturbing and widespread in the elderly, especially diabetics and in the long term cause joint stiffness and even possible dislocation of the shoulder joint itself due to weakness of ligaments and muscles.

Joint Pain
Joints Pain


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