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Fixed dental prosthesis like bridges, crowns or veneers are used to restore missing teeth or to protect an existing one.Dental prosthesis are made of porcelain or zirconia and are indicated in one or more of the following:

Decay in one tooth or moreBroken toothTo protect a tooth after root canal

A bridge to restore a missing tooth or more or to cover a group of decayed teeth all together

When you are having a dental prosthesis, you have to review your checklist for quality, shape, color, measurements and most importantly function.

In Clinique du Caire, our experienced doctors make sure your prosthesis is exactly what is should be

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Dr. Mohamed Faisal Tahon

Fellowship of Dental Surgery – Royal College of Surgeons in EdinburghSpecialist and experience more than 10 years in all dental implants systemsAn expert in difficult situations of implants, which need a complex and accurate treatment planOne of the best specialists of implants in Egypt in terms of the success of implants ratios